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High End Studio Product Photography and How Marketing is Changing

In recent years the style of product photography had generally been 'lifestyle', where products have been shot using models or in a natural setting where the products are used; for example food is often shot in a kitchen or restaurant, jewellery now tends to be worn by models in a trendy location.

There will however always be a need for products to be shot in a studio with a plain background, sometimes the simplest ideas work best.

A lot of studio photography has also been on plain white backgrounds, this is emphasised by the way Apple show their products. Take a look at their website and their products are simple and glossy with no backgrounds to detract from the product. In recent years Apple have also started to show their products against black backgrounds. So what is the best way to photography the product your company makes or sells?

Marketing methods continue to change and the largest brands now use Influencers on Instagram to advertise their products. A well known celebrity wearing an outfit from say Marks & Spencer or Michael Kors will be paid to advertise their products. In many cases the product sells out instantly.

When Holly Willoughby wears an outfit and it's on Instagram the product will sell way beyond the expectation of the manufacturer. The image below of the whiskey Proper Number 12 is one we shot here at our studio and is known as UFC fighter's Conor McGregor's whiskey. Unsurprisingly it's been a huge seller.

So in today's marketing we have a huge mix of different marketing methods when it comes to using photos. Different methods work differently for different businesses so it's something we discuss with each client in each detail. What ever type of product you'd like to have photographed our team can work with you from initial discussions, planning, proof shoots right through the the final end product.

Your products when photographed and marketed professionally will definitely boost your sales figures.

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