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Abraxas Talks: Why are Headshots Important?

First impressions are vital for any business. When placed in professional situations, such as networking events or job interviews, we are all judged and perceived by the way we look, sound and appear. That’s why it’s incredibly important to always look professional; both online and offline.

Having a professional headshot is the initial step to making a good first impression before meeting in person. So, before you go reaching for the selfie stick, here’s three reasons Abraxas, Bedfordshire photography, believes it’s important to invest in professional, corporate photography.

Allows Consumers to Connect with Your Business

Most people want to see a photo of the person they’re doing business with. By having a professional headshot on your ‘about us’ page, your business becomes more personal; It will allow individuals to connect with your business and stand out from its competitors.

Effective Marketing

Once limited to celebrities and actors, headshots are now effective as a personal marketing tool for businesses. Your image is a key component of your brand, that illustrates your professionalism while shining a light on your personality. As such, professional headshots will only make your branding much more powerful.

You’ll be Remembered

By including professional photography on your social media accounts and LinkedIn, people will be able to put a face to the name. If people are consistently seeing the same image pop up on social platforms or your business website, they will remember your company and its employees, which could in turn spark them to get back in contact for possible work.

Corporate headshots and team images are more than just photographs – they’re an effective marketing tool. Headshots captured by Abraxas will always have the same exposure and appearance; giving your company’s image a sense of uniformity.

Here at Abraxas, business photography Bedfordshire, we supply four different types of headshots, including Formal Studio, Location, Formal Office and Informal Office. The style that works for everyone will depend on their business’ industry and the type of professional image they wish to project.

If you would like more information on how our photography services can benefit your business, get in touch with our expert team today.


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