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£10m Public Liability and Drone Insurance

With the increased raise in awareness in health and safety and in particular irresponsible drone flight behavior proof of insurance and Public Liability is constantly asked for by clients.

Our current policy is to have in pace separate £10m insurance in place for photography and video as well as the same amount for drone services. Our clients are now requesting Risk Assessments, Pre-Deployment Surveys, Drone Licence and also PAT tested electrical equipment.

Having the right systems in place naturally protects us and the client but it's also at a cost to us. It's for reasons like this we can often find it difficult to compete for small projects when so many other photographers don't have adequate or any insurance at all.

As a business we're able to work on the smallest of jobs from a simple product shot for a website, a head shot for a Linkedin profile, right through to 3-4 year long projects.

Whatever size your business or project may be, you can rest assured we operating and insured appropriately.

Contact us if you'd like to have a chat; 01234 841912


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