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5 Common Jewellery Product Photography Mistakes

In the era of Instagram and online shopping, the elaborate task of choosing a jewellery piece is no longer carried out whilst on the high street but while browsing online. This not only adds pressure for jewellery dealers to convince customers to buy their pieces online at competitive prices, but also to upload beautiful advertising photography of the product that will help it sell.

Jewellery product photography is an exciting task, but it does come with its challenges. If problems aren’t properly dealt with, the photography may not look as professional as you hoped. With this in mind, here’s five jewellery product photography mistakes that you should keep in mind when choosing a photographer.

Smudged & Unprepared Products

We all know that jewellery should be cleaned and polished regularly. However, this can be challenging for commercial photography as every level of detail will be captured for all to see. Make sure to wipe down your jewellery every time you touch it and wear cotton gloves to prevent smudges.

Inconsistent Shooting

Consistency is key in professional product photography. Variations from shot to shot will distract your customer and will make them less likely to make a purchase. Try to develop a set of guidelines with your photographer that they can stick to for each product; including camera settings, lighting, background and even equipment positions.

Complex Background

You might think a white background is boring or a missed opportunity for branding, but this isn’t always the case. A plain white or light grey background keeps the focus on your product. Black is also popular in jewellery photography; but that can make it difficult to submit images in some market places.

Unnecessary Props

Props can be used to elaborately stage your jewellery in editorials. But when it comes to product imagery, it can be incredibly distracting. Props draw attention away from the jewellery and should only be used for editorial shoots. Remember to use a plain background to avoid creating any inconsistencies in your photography.


Avoiding reflections in your product photography is harder than you think. You want your customers to look at your jewellery without trying to guess if it’s the photographer’s reflection or a flaw in the product. To avoid this, try using double overhead lighting and hang and sweep a roll of seamless white paper to minimise reflections.

Avoiding these common mistakes can be tricky. Here at Abraxas,professional Bedford photographers, we provide a variety of business photography services to ensure you capture your products in the best possible way. For more information, get in touch with our team today.


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