Affordable drone filming and photography for your business

If you’re in the construction industry, council, an architect, builder, planner or working on a project requiring aerial photography and filming using drones please get in touch and we’ll be happy to come and have a chat about working with you.

We have a range of drones for different requirements and we are continually upgrading on equipment enabling us to provide the best service we possibly can.

Drones have enabled us to provide very cost effective dramatic views that were previously only possible if hiring a helicopter which generally made it unaffordable for most small businesses. There are many flight restrictions and we are governed by very strict laws but for your peace of mind we are fully qualified and licensed. Don’t be tempted to take any risks by using drone operators who don’t have the right certificates as you need these to obtain insurance.

About Us

Since 1994 we’ve been doing our very best to provide inspiring photography and video and build an outstanding reputation. Our customers in Bedford, around the UK and abroad have told us many times how we went ‘beyond the call of duty’ and how we must feel privileged to do what we do.

We’re a team

We’re not a one-man band, we’re a team of photographers and videographers with different specialisms including filming, jewellery, tabletop products right through to organising a whole team for conferences and photography and video for construction companies. Our drone specialist provides an incredibly powerful option for your marketing.

Contact Details

Abraxas Commercial
8 Orchard Street,
Kempston, Bedford.
MK42 7JA

Phone: 01234 841912

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