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Five Tricks Food Photographers Use That Will Blow Your Mind

When it comes to food advertisements, commercial photographers have a variety of tricks up their sleeves to ensure each food dish looks delicious on camera. Suprisingly, the majority of these hacks are non-edible products that you definitely wouldn’t pair with your evening meal!

Abraxas, commercial photographers, have created an eye-opening list of dishes in which photographers use tricks to create the perfect food advertisement.


How many times have you watched a Burger King advert, only to find the burger may taste delicious but looks slightly different to what it did in the advert? When shooting advertising photography, the photographer will use toothpicks to hold ingredients in place and a makeup sponge to add height to the burger!


As tasty as food photography can look, it’s almost never edible. When food photographers create pancake advertisements, they add cardboard spaces to add height to the pancake stack and they never use real maple syrup. Instead they use motor oil so it doesn’t absorb into the pancakes. In addition to this, shaving cream is used as whipped cream so it doesn’t melt onto the product.

Soup & Cereal

Photographers even have tricks up their sleeve for soup and cereal advertisements. Instead of using milk, photographers will use glue in the bowl to prevent the cereal from going soggy. For soup, they use ramekins to keep garnishes on the surface. By doing this, they are able to capture much better images that will go on to sell more products.


It’s not just food that photographers have tricks for. In beer commercials, photographers will put dish soap in the glass to create a longer lasting foam. This allows for extra time to get the perfect shot.

When it comes to product photography, it’s important to hire a photographer who knows all the tricks of the trade in order to capture the right images that will sell your products to your target audience. Here at Abraxas, Bedfordshire commercial photography, we pride ourselves on offering professional photography for a variety of business sectors, including retail, education and medical.

For more information about our services, get in touch with our expert team of advertising photographers on 01234 841 912 or visit our showroom today.


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