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Flying Drones Safely for You

Drone safety is essential, it's not just about being legally qualified and having adequate insurance in place, it's also being fully prepared for every job and eventuality.

For every drone drone job we are booked for everything is fully charged and prepared thoroughly. Drone batteries don't like the cold so they have to be kept warm so everything is packed to keep the temperature correct.

Safety cones, ground flight sheets, maps, hard hats, high visibility jackets, boots and so on are all required to ensure good safety practice.

Recently we've had one of our most popular drones the Inspire 2 covered in additional protective coating with high visibility and this helps the drone to be seen in certain situations.

Safety first drone flying in Bedfordshire
High visibility drone filming in Bedford

With the recent drone scares at UK airports we think drone safety and laws will be tightened but there will always be those rogue operators who will take risks and inconvenience a lot of people. We believe the police have been given the authority to issue on the spot fines to anyone flying irresponsibly and hopefully this will stop a lot of people buying drones.

Drone photography and video is a huge asset to businesses, the photography and video we can now achieve at relatively low costs is simply incredible. The recent scares have raised awareness of drones so if your business is looking to utilise drone technology it's essential to use a registered and legal company.

The temptation to go and buy a drone and fly it yourself or get a keen amateur to film for you is simply not worth the risk.

If you'd like to have a chat about our drones and what we can do for you simply give us a call on 01234 841912 or email at


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