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Food Photography

Food photography is a specialist industry and here at Abraxas Photography one of our team spent a number of years working in food photography.

With so many food images on social media it's easy to identify the what isn't professionally shot and it surprises us how many restaurants and hotels in particular post out poorly shot images.

Any food shot be it a banana, apple, a slice of bread or a choice from a Michelin starred restaurant can be made to look either incredibly bad or so stunning that it makes you want that food straight away.

Professional lighting and high quality lenses are key to food photography as well as all the other tips and tricks such as 'dew sprays' and glossing foods with honey makes even the blandest and colourless food stand out from the crowd.

Professional food photography
Food photography

So if you're in the food industry and looking to promote your food don't compromise on the photography, professionally shot images will boost your brand and sales.

Give us a call here at Abraxas and we'll be happy to discuss your project and how we can help promote your business.

Food photography professionally shot
Food photography


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