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Getting The Right Quality Photography Will Help Boost Your Sales

It doesn't matter how large or small any business is but two huge markets for selling products are Amazon and ebay.

When you look through ebay in particular the quality of the photos of products can be very poor when compared to Amazon. Amazon have strict guidelines on how images need to be loaded and their are a number of reasons for this as far as we are concerned.

Firstly the highest quality images will dramatically boost sales, people trust what they are looking at and if they like the quality of the photo they are far more likely to buy. Another reason is consistency, making sure their site looks slick and user friendly. Finally, images need to be a certain size to ensure they load quickly on different browsers, particularly as we are pretty impatient expecting everything to show up in an instant.

So getting the right images is something every company needs to carefully consider particularly when there is so much competition, a user can quickly scroll down a screen and click on a different supplier not just if it's cheaper but also if the quality of the product photos looks professional.

Don't be tempted to save money by taking your own photos or using an amateur photographer.


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