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Graduation Ceremony Photography Services

A large part of our business involves a full photography and video service for graduation ceremonies for school, colleges and universities and we can also arrange a full gowning and robing services for institutes regardless of size.

The photography services include complete set up for formal graduation photos of students on graduation day. Our system has a full online pre-booking service enabling students to pre-book their photo package up to a week before the actual ceremony day. This pre- booking service reduces waiting time on the day for students and allows us to provide a very efficient and slick service.

Students who haven't pre-booked can still pay on the day at the admin desks we have set up.

A full framing service and online ordering after the ceremony is part of the full service. If institutes require event photography, on stage certificate photos and special honorary group photos our team can also provide these services.

Finally we also provide a full video filming service for the ceremony and event in general.

If you'd like to have a chat about the services we offer simply call the office on 01234 841912 or email at


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