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Health and Safety for Photographers

We do a lot of work for the construction industry which involves working with a lot of different people at different locations. The locations vary from small industrial units to the largest construction sites such as the size of a stadium. As photographers we have to be aware of health and safety practices and what makes this so difficult is companies work to a number of different laws. Regardless of the rules and regulations most companies have an induction process and a talk on heath and safety on their site. As a rule we always have a number of different items packed in the car including hard hats, hi-visibility jackets, steel protected boots, construction trousers, ear defenders and safety goggles. Having these items always save us considerable time when on site. It's easy to take health and safety lightly but our job may involve working up high on cranes, flying drones, working underground or working near industrial machinery which can be loud and it's easy to lose concentration for a split second and cause an injury or damage equipment.

As professional photographers we take our job seriously and it's important for our clients to know that we always operate as professionals, we're not your 'average Joe' who simply turns up unprepared and probably uninsured. We have £10m Public Liability Insurance and our equipment is also adequately covered.

If you're in the construction industry and looking for photography, video and drone filming services get in touch with Abraxas Commercial on 01234 841912


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