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How much does professional photography cost?

It’s common to receive enquiries asking how much photography costs for an may be an hour or half day and full day rates.

Over the years we’ve tended to price each job based on the clients needs, this way we can provide the best value for money as some jobs are far more involved and time consuming than others.

The cost also depends on how much each client values their own product or service and how much they would like us to do, so a client coming to us with a product to shoot for use on something like Ebay or Amazon can end up spending £50.00 or £500.00.

At the other end of the scale we may have an international brand approach us for a project which can often involve several meetings, detailed planning and also working with several people who have different thoughts, requirements and input.

Where photography actually happens also dictates the price, we may be asked to travel overseas or shoot a single product in the studio. Are props and models required and how much editing will need to be undertaken during and after the shoot?

Time scale can also affect cost, if a job is required with a tight deadline it could possibly mean the whole team is required to work around the clock which happens quite often!

So the answer to the question of how much photography costs shouldn't be compared with shopping for a TV as one job may be as little as £100.00 right through to a client spending £150.000.

The best way to start the ball rolling is to think of how important a particular job is to you. Having an idea of budget also has advantages as it saves time and provides far more value for money.

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