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How E-commerce Product Photography Can Help Your Business

We live in a highly visual world. If a customer likes what they see in the window, they’ll likely walk into the shop and buy a product. But as high street stores slowly become a thing of the past, retailers are having to work harder to get customers to click onto their website and generate sales.

When a customer first lands on your page, the first thing they notice is your images. Having high quality product photography can be incredibly beneficial to your e-commerce business. If you’re unsure how it can assist your business in generating sales, here’s three ways e-commerce product photography can help your online retailer.

Create a Positive Experience

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much it’s worth when converted to pounds. E-commerce companies are much more dependent on photography than any other sales business as it breaks away from the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ shopping experience. Because of this, companies need to create a positive shopping experience through high quality professional product photographyin order to achieve sales success.

Replace the Five Senses

Without a physical shop to visit, online retailers will need to rely on product photography to supplement the five senses that shoppers normally rely on to make a purchase. Good e-commerce photography is therefore vital for online retailers as a commercial photographer will be able to capture the look and feel of product without the customer physically being there; influencing the customer to make a snap purchase decision.

Establishing Brand Authority

Advertising photography is important to e-commerce businesses as it helps consumers distinguish between competitors. When a customer is presented two identical products, with identical prices on separate websites, it’s usually the quality of photography that determines the sale. As such, good ecommerce product photography helps establish stronger brand authority; which will keep your customers returning every time.

Investing in good commercial photography is a key component to your e-commerce business. It’s vital to invest in the work of a trusted photographer, who can create your outlined vision for your business.

Here at Abraxas, commercial photography Bedfordshire, we provide a strong, clean photographic style that create a more versatile image of your products. For more information about our professional product photography services, get in touch with our expert team today on 01234 841912.


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