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How to Win at Commercial Sports Videography

These days, sports brands are pushing a more creative and dynamic feel to their commercials. The sports industry is notoriously competitive, meaning brands must push their limits in their advertising efforts in order to win over potential consumers.

One of the main ways brands will try to win the allegiance of sports consumers is by using a sports videographer with some of the world’s most famous sporting stars. Here at Abraxas, commercial photography Bedfordshire, we understand how important promotional video production is to sports brands and how this can drive your brand message.

Here’s our tips on how your brand can score a homerun with sports action photography.

Use a Variety of Shots

To show all the intensity and action of the game, your brand will need to use a variety of camera shots. While it may be tempting to use all of your footage, it’s important to focus on the action; which may mean cutting a lot of material and focusing on the game’s highlights.

Record Audio

Music can be great in a sports’ video, but it’s a mistake to assume it can replace audio. Audio can make the action of the game more real and intense; which will make allow your video to hold a larger impact and help to drive your brand message in a positive way.

Choose the Right Music

Choosing the wrong music for your sports commercial can dampen the effect of your video. Try to pick a song that compliments your captured footage. If you want something that’s intense, pick a song with high energy and power. If you want to opt for an emotional angle, try to pick a song with a slower temperament.

Tell a Story

Every great sports video tells a story. Sports commercials shouldn’t just be highlights of the game with music. Great sports videography tells a story of the game in a compelling way; that will keep your audience on the edge of seat.

If you are looking for a commercial photographer and videographer to help shoot your sports commercial, get in touch with our Bedfordshire photography team today.


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