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Looking For a Photographer for your Business?

When looking for a photographer to shoot images for your business it's important to use the right photographer, someone who fully understands the requirements of your business.

A great wedding photographer may be able to take good photos of everything but isn't necessarily the best photographer for your business. The best commercial photographers know how to get the best out of a company's product or service and will offer advice and guidance as to how to get the best images for you to use in your marketing.

In many cases we're given products that aren't particularly interesting or visually appealing, it can be something simple like a food take away box as shown below where our client asked for simple images on white backgrounds of their product range. The images needed to look clean and consistent as they were to be used in brochures, websites and online selling sites.

However the simplest of shots can also be the most complicated to do, images like this require a lot post production to get them right and can be time consuming. We know from this client that sales of the product rose dramatically once the images were launched, the simplest of products shot well looked so much better than the competition.

On a much larger scale the image below is still a product image but obviously so much bigger than the food take away box. This image had to be very carefully lit due the highly reflective material it was made from and our brief was to provide an image to be used on large panel for an exhibition in Europe. We also only had a couple of hours to shoot the image as the machine was about to be boxed up and loaded on to a lorry for shipment.

We're also used to getting our hands dirty as much if our work is with the construction industry, meaning we always have our health and safety gear in the cars as you never know what rules and regulations may be put in place at different sites.

A lot of our clients rely on our previous knowledge to cover projects successfully which is one reason we have a long client list with companies that use our services for both photography and video on a regular basis.

Our team also includes an expert on photography for the aviation industry who regularly attends shows and exhibitions to shoot stunning images that are regularly used at exhibitions and on various marketing websites.

So what ever your business needs, from a simple product shot to a long term project involving multiple locations worldwide we have an in-house team for you to chat with.

Contact us today.


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