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Three Tips for Medical Industry Photography

Taking product photography of and for the medical industry isn’t an easy task. To create professional and meaningful images, your commercial photographer needs to be flexible regarding the tools they use and prepared for a challenging setting.

With this in mind, Abraxas, commercial photography Bedfordshire, have provided a four tips to set you up for success at your next medical photo shoot.

Be Prepared

Photo shoots inside hospitals and medical facilities can be complicated. It’s essential to obtain the right authorisations to ensure you’re fully prepared for the shoot. Limited timeframes and lack of space are common challenges for medical photographers, so visiting the location early will help identify what equipment can and cannot be used for the shoot.

Be Precise

When it comes to medical photography, differentiation needs to be made between product and commercial imagery. Commercial imagery has the potential to tell a larger story, so it’s vital to capture these to help instil a narrative.

Avoid Clichés

People often think of doctors as adults with long white jackets and a stethoscope. The reality is that not all healthcare professionals use stethoscopes or even wear lab coats. When capturing medical photography, it’s vital to find the balance between the stereotypes of the industry and the reality of the medical profession.

The viewer should believe that the images show real doctors treating real patients in a real setting. While this can be a difficult illusion to fulfil, a good photographer with the right vision will have the power to connect with the audience.

Ask For Advice

Everything looks interesting in the medical industry. But what looks good to you, might not be what the client wishes to focus on. To successfully respond to the expectations of an expert audience that knows clinical surroundings, ask an expert advisor on what they would like to photograph. While this might seem like a simple tip, this can make the difference between a useful image and a disappointing outcome.

Here at Abraxas, medical photography Bedfordshire, we provide an authentic photographic style that compliments the medical industry. For more information about our professional product photography services, get in touch with our team today.


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