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We Get To Great Locations..and Shoot Claudia Winkleman

Our job takes us to some great locations, we've traveled far and wide over the years to photograph and video in interesting places. One location we recently shot at where we had a great time was Madame Tussauds, our client held their Annual Awards Dinner Ceremony here but it was fascinating to look around the venue which we had to ourselves.

Jobs like this are high pressured as we have to cover a lot of photography and video in short space of time as our client in this case had given us a detailed brief. Claudia Winkleman was the VIP in attendance and hosted the awards.

Another tight deadline was set as we finished at midnight and were asked to send the still images by 9.00am the following morning, so it was another late finish and early start for the team which we're more than used to!

Commercial clients often set tight deadlines and rely on us to deliver on time, these jobs can often mean millions of pounds to our clients, so it's essential we work closely and efficiently with our clients.


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