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Why Professional Photography is Vital

With the huge increase in social media the world is looking at more images than ever before and every business now has to present itself with professionally shot images to get ahead of their competitors.

Grabs attention. A professionally shot image grabs attention and increases the chances of the viewer reading the text by 80%.

Information overload. With information overload and a faster pace of life, attention grabbing images will process in the brain much quicker than text.

Limitless reach. Brand awareness is almost limitless as a single image can become viral opening up huge possibilities.

Better understanding. Some people are just lazy! When scrolling through hundreds of messages a day we need to understand as much as we can instantly,

I want that. Buyers purchase on instinct and emotion, how many times have you looked at an advert and thought ‘I want one of those’.

Call to action. ‘Call to Action’ Every website designer will tell you the importance of that phrase and images are the first thing you’re potential customers will experience.

Post with images Social media relies on images, be it Facebook or Linkedin you should never post without an image.

Luxury. Professionally shot images will build trust in your brand and product, people want to know they are buying quality.

Feel great. Professional adverts are all about getting the buyer to trust a product and how it will improve your life. You simply can’t live without that product! It looks great, it’s high quality, it makes me feel great.

Contact us to chat about your brand, product and service and we’ll look at ways of helping you raise your profile, increase sales and separate yourself from the competition.


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