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Working Your Photography To Budget

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Regardless of your advertising budget be it large or small, we always aim to keep the cost of photography affordable, particularly as we find many of our clients have an ongoing need for regular photography and video services.

It's often common for companies to commission photography and or video one single time and then to keep costs down they keep using the same imagery even when it's out of date. Worse still is when a company decides to do their own photography in the hope they will be saving money.

Why Should You Invest In Professional Product Photographers?

Companies who regularly update their photography have the ability to refresh and update their content on a much more regular basis and in turn increase their profile. A couple of years ago websites could remain quite static with their imagery, but due to the boom in social media fresh content is essential to show not only your potential clients but also existing clients that you are busy and constantly evolving with new ideas, products and services.

Check What Needs Updating

So if you've been given the responsibility of updating your website, social media or are introducing some new services and products have a careful look at the photo and video content you currently have and ask yourself some of the following questions;

Are the current images you have up to date?

Do your images look out of date?

Do your images look better than your competitors?

Would you be tempted to buy your product/service based on the images you are currently using?

The chances are you'll probably find you will need new photography and if this is the case have you also considered the importance of video content?

Bedfordshire Commercial Photography

This short article is to get you thinking about how you're currently using photography and video in your business marketing, we know it's essential but we also know it may be costly if you don't go about it the right way.

Don't assume professional photography and video is going to be expensive, there are many ways we can suggest where to save costs and still achieve your targets.


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